Thursday, July 8, 2010

C030a The Dragonfly

Card - navy 81/2 x 51/2” scored at 41/4”.

Stamps - 23.266.F page 224, G.0301 page 236.

Cardstock - navy, gold

Ink - Versamark, Vivid Inky Blue.

Accessories -gold embossing powder, corner rounder, prepared crumpled paper (from the previous post or type C030 in the Search box), mounts.

Thanks to Andrea Moeller for this technique.

First taught this class in January 16, 2002.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

C030 Andrea’s Crumpled Creation

OOOPS!!  Wondered what happened to this post!  I had left it in Draft!  Anyways, here are the instructions on making this background.

Acrylic paints used in these samples are:
TOP: True Navy by Prism and gold metallic.
MIDDLE; Thalo Green by Prism and gold metallic.
BOTTOM; Pale Blue by Prism and silver metallic.

Crumple white photo copy paper, open it up, and crumple it up again. Repeat as many times as you wish. The more you crumple it, the more "cracks" you will have. Once you are satisfied with the crumples, smooth out the paper and place on the newspaper.
Mix together 10 drops of acrylic paint and 5 drops metallic acrylic paint to 11/2 teaspoons water per 81/2 x 11” sheet. Start painting your crumpled paper making sure to put the brush all the way to the bottom of the container as the metallic paint sinks. Mix as you remove your brush. You want the paper to be nice and wet. Make sure you stir the mixture every time you dunk your paintbrush into it. If you get a spot that is darker than you wish, brush it with just water. After you have finished painting the paper, set aside to dry. It will take a couple of hours.

After the paper is dry, carefully peel from the newspaper. It will stick but does not tear when you pull it apart. You will notice that the metallic paint has rested in the cracks creating a unique background paper.

Iron from the wrong side to flatten paper.

Thankyou to Andrea Moeller for this technique.

First taught this class on January 16, 2002.

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