Thursday, May 22, 2014

C002a Streaking

Crayola Intense Chisel tip markers was used on this card.

Prepare card by folding 8.5” x 5.5” glossy white cardstock in half – a bone folder helps to make a nice flat fold.
Using the Magenta rose #09.145.K page 144, color the rose with the pink marker and the leaves with the green marker. Huff on the stamp to create moisture and stamp in the center of the card. Set aside.

Cut a Post-It note in an oval using decorative scissors. Cover the rose with the Post-It note. Ink up a makeup sponge with the tip of the yellow marker by pinching the marker a couple of times, getting the sponge fairly wet. Set the sponge on the Post-It note and pull it towards yourself – only swipe one time. DO NOT go back and forth. Do this in four to six areas on the cardstock. Ink up another sponge with a pink marker. Use the same motion as above, overlapping the color in some areas. Finish by inking another makeup sponge with the teal marker, streaking until the cardstock is covered. Remove the Post-It note.

Seal with cheap hairspray or Sealant to preserve the color.

First taught this class February 14, 2001.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

C001 Stippled Heart

Prepare card by folding 8.5” x 5.5” white cardstock in half – use a bone folder to make a nice flat crease.  Using a shaving brush, lightly stipple the card front with Vivid Garnet ink.  Over stamp with Magenta leaf #09.109.F page 35.  Make sure to stamp off the edges of the card.  Set aside.

Cut burgundy cardstock 3” x 23/4”. Glue to center of card front. Cut gold cardstock 23/4” x 21/2” and glue to the center of the burgundy piece. Cut white cardstock 21/2” x 21/4”. Stipple with Garnet ink and glue on top of the gold piece. Set aside.

Stamp Magenta heart #08.026.1 page 23 on a scrap of white cardstock using Garnet ink. Cut out and mount to center of card. Glue a purchased bow to the top of the heart.

I just happen to still have the card that inspired me by Nicky Manel from an exchange from back in February 2000 (below). Thanks Nicky!

Taught this as a class on February 7, 2001.

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