Monday, August 31, 2009


A perfect gift for anyone who writes letters!

Cut photocopy weight paper 61/4” x 11”. Make first fold by measuring 31/2” from the top (either one of the short ends). Mark with a pencil and fold with a bone folder. Erase pencil mark. Make the second fold by folding the bottom into the first fold.

At the bottom of the front, measure up ¼” and mark lightly with a pencil. Cut on this line with fancy scissors or use a border punch. Erase pencil lines.

Fold card into thirds. Swipe the front with a Little Bag to reduce static. With the narrow end of an Embossing Marker, draw a line one inch from the bottom fold. Gold emboss.

Mark the center of the front lightly with a pencil. Gold emboss Just A Note #07269.H page 159 to the center. Erase pencil mark.

Swipe the front of an envelope with a Little Bag to reduce static. Draw lines ½” from the top and bottom edges with the narrow end of an Embossing Marker. Wipe ruler clean after each use. Gold emboss. Repeat to both sides.

The top image is the finished product; the middle image is laying open and the bottom image is the envelope. I layed them on a pink background so they would show up in the scans.

First taught this class on June 13, 2001.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Concealing Your Cheque

Cut photocopy or printer weight paper 41/4” x 61/4” – you can get three covers from an 81/2” x 11” paper.

With a pencil and ruler, lightly mark at 11/2” from the bottom (the long edge). Fold towards the back on these lines – a bone helps give a crisp fold. This image shows the cover in an open position – you can see where I’ve folded it.

Stamp top left and bottom right corners with the corner stamp #14295.I page 227 using black Memories ink.

Stamp Thank You #07304.H page 215 in the center using black Memories ink.

Using a standard envelope, draw a border around the envelope at ½” from all edges using the wide end of a black Zig marker or use a marker to match your photocopy paper.

This cover is an excellent way of sending a cheque in the mail.

First taught this class on June 13, 2001.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's Buggy!

Totally CASE'd this card from a card I received in an exchange from Toni Whitnell back in 2005. She has used Stampin Up! stamps. I really, really like the layout - see her card below.

I used the same layout but used Magenta stamps. A very quick card to make.

Magenta dagonfly 03083.C pg 36

Magenta grasshopper 33004.G pg 221

Magenta shadow grasshopper 33005.G pg 221

Black memories ink

Vivid lavender ink

Yellow is purchased paper

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tea Time

I used the oval and circle coluzzle to make the tea cup and doilie. The handle is a swirl punch by Carl. The large and small daisies are also punches by Carl. The flowers on the tea cup is a puch by EK Success. I used 1/8" and 1/4" circle punches for the flower centers. The doilie is edged in gold cardstock and trimmed using deckle scissors.

Magenta Speckle - H.0181 page 103

Magenta Leaf on cup - 14013.E page 73

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Glenyce's Freestyle Collage

Just thought I would share a card that my daughter, Glenyce made for her youngest sister (according to what is written inside the card). I assume it was made back in 2002 too. It was in the folder with the Freestyle Collage class that I posted on August 21st, 2009. I wonder if her sister ever got the card or if I fell in love with it and ripped it right out of Glenyce's hand?? Oh well ... I will continue to look after it for them! This card is 51/2" square. Beautiful eh? By the way .... Happy Birthday to you today, Glenyce! I still miss that you are no longer a cardmaker but really happy that I inherited all your 'stuff'!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Freestyle Collage using inks and images

Prepare card by folding 81/2” x 51/2” black cardstock in half. Set aside.

Cut white cardstock 51/4” x 4”. Swipe edges with Soft Rose Memories shadow ink – sample included. Let bleed for a few minutes then mount to the center of the card. Set aside.

Cut another piece of white cardstock 31/2” x 43/4”. Randomly stamp Magenta shadow stamp #23.287.F page 225 using Soft Rose, Soft Wheat, Soft Leaf and Soft Stone memories inks – sample included. Stamp the Magenta clock #21.062.O page 86 in the bottom right hand corner using black Memories ink. Stamp a mask for the clock and cut out with deckle scissors.

Place the mask over the clock then stamp the pear #09.054.H page 30 in the top right hand corner using black Memories ink. Stamp a mask for the pear and set masks aside.

Stamp the world #18.008.I page 88 in the top left corner using black ink. Stamp a mask for the world and cut it out.

Apply masks to each stamped image. Overstamp with the hand written text stamp by Love to Stamp, repeating until background is covered. Remove masks.

Stamp the key #21.048.E page 84 along the left hand side using black ink.

Punch each corner with the south-western corner punch. Mount to the center of the card.

Because this is a black card, I cut a liner by folding 51/4” x 81/4” pink text weight paper in half & glued to the inside of the card.

First taught this class on June 5, 2002.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Encaustic Embossing

Prepare card by folding 51/2” x 81/2” navy cardstock in half. DTP beginning with Lilac then Turquoise and then Teal from the Aurora Petal Point. Randomly stamp the first leaf #14221.D page 139, then the second leaf #14138.C page 82 using black Memories ink. Over stamp with the dragonfly #23151.I page 170 using gold Colorbox. Set the card aside.

Re-ink the dragonfly with gold Colorbox ink and set aside.

Pour clear embossing powder into a flat, sandwich size container.

Cut matt board 2” x 23/4”. DTP using only Midnight from the Aurora Petal Point, covering the entire surface and edges of the matt board.

Dip your mat board into the clear embossing powder and heat with the heat gun. Repeat this with a total of three or four coats.

While hot, encaustic emboss the pre-inked dragonfly on to the matt board and hold there for about 10 seconds or until cool. Remove. It takes a long time for the dragonfly to dry so do not touch it.

Glue the matt board to a piece of 21/2” x 31/4” gold cardstock and mount to the centre of the prepared card.

Tie 24” of cord at the fold. Form a bow. Trim if necessary.

Instructions for Encaustic Embossing:

- Choose a stamp with a fairly simple design - not too much detail and ink with pigment ink. Set aside.
- Cut a scrap of matt board slightly larger than your stamp using a craft knife and ruler.
Pour clear embossing powder into a flat, sandwich size container.
- DTP using one Colorbox color. Cover the entire surface and edges of the matt board.
- Cover your mat board with clear embossing powder. Place on a flat surface and heat with the heat gun.
- Once it is all completely melted, quickly dip it back into your container of clear embossing powder (be careful because the melted EP is HOT!!!). Heat again.
- Repeat this a total of three or four coats.
- Before your final coat of clear embossing powder, you may sprinkle in glitter, beedz or other colors of embossing powder or whatever before your final layer of clear EP.
- After the final coat, quickly but gently and carefully press your stamp into the hot, melted EP and hold there for about 10 seconds or until cool. Remove. Your image will be embedded in the EP.
- If you don’t feel you can be quick enough to get the layers of clear EP on the matt board while it is still hot, you can wait until the surface is completely cool between layers and put on a coat of clear embossing ink before dipping into the clear EP.

First taught this class on April 6, 2001.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Antiquing Technique

This is a method of burnishing paper with a metallic finish. It looks especially nice on renaissance images or old style designs.

Prepare card by folding 91/2” x 61/4” black cardstock in half. Set aside.

Stamp Stampendous image #XXW001 on white photocopy paper with black Memories ink. Let dry a minute or so.

Take your gold pigment ink pad, pick up plenty of ink with your finger then rub the ink all over the stamped image. Take your copper pigment ink pad, pick up plenty of ink with your finger then rub the ink over some parts for a slightly warmer look.

Tear very close to the stamped image. Stipple the torn edges with black Memories ink. Crumple the paper for a complete antique look. Flatten out with your hand and set aside.

Print a calendar from Red Castle. Adjust it to the size you want and print it out. Stipple around each month with gold, copper and black ink using a balled up piece of wax paper. Cut the months apart. Set aside.

Cut black cardstock 53/4” x 41/2”. Using wax paper, stipple with copper pigment ink. Glue the antiqued photocopy paper to the left side of the stippled copper piece. Set aside.

Cut black cardstock 17/8” x 23/8”. Using wax paper, stipple with copper pigment ink. Glue the month of December to the center of this piece. Mount on to gold cardstock and trim close. Position the remaining months on top of the December month. Hold in place with a paper clip. Glue a couple feathers behind this then mount to the bottom right corner, overlapping the antiqued piece a little. Staple calendar in place through all thicknesses.

Mount to center of the card.

Gols emboss the Magenta key #21.048.E page 84 on a piece of black cardstock. Cut out. Glue to the top left corner of the card.

First taught this April 17, 2002.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Everyday Life

Another very quick & simple card.
I splattered the card with mauve acrylic paint then overstamped with the Splat #I.0243 page 146. Added a piece of torn wallpaper down one side.
Dragonfly #23.151.J page 170.

Phrase by Inkadinkado

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Paint Swatch Card

Prepare card by folding a 51/2” x 81/2” white cardstock in half. Crumple a piece of wax paper. Ink with Vivid Teal dye ink and stamp the card front, very lightly. Randomly stamp with the Magenta flower stamp #09.083.E page 53 using black Memories ink, then the Magenta leaf #14.138.C page 82 using teal ink and lastly, the butterfly #03.047.C page 184 using gold pigment ink. Edge the four sides of the card with teal ink by sliding it along the edge of the ink pad. Set aside.

Trim the Paint Swatch card down one side to remove the names of the colors. You will have a strip of color running from light to dark. Swipe with a Little Bag to remove static.

Gold emboss the Magenta flower on each square. Mount on white cardstock remnant and trim, leaving a very narrow border, then mount on black cardstock. Trim, leaving a very narrow border. Lastly, mount on to gold cardstock. Trim, leaving a little wider border.

Mount about ½” from the right edge of the prepared card. Add diamond glitter glue to the center of each embossed flower.

This idea came from the Stamping and Papercraft, Volume 6 Number 4 magazine, many years ago.
First taught this class on April 3rd, 2002.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fly Away

Bubble background paper. Instructions for the Bubble Solution is under the Bubble Background Daisy from my June 25th, 2009 post. One piece of advice ... don't let your husband catch you making this background as he will totally think you have went back to your childhood!

Bee is 23.438.I page 284.

Ink - SU! YoYo Yellow, Tempting Turquoise.

White doilie.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Lion

The Lion is from the set in the Limited-Edition of Magenta Collectibles, Fall of 1998, Magenta Classics.

Phrase is 07.305.G page 228.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Pot of Feathers

Another simple card that needs no explaining.

Background stamped with Magenta feathers 23.098.I pg 162 using Vivid Brick ink.

Magenta Pot 21.063.I pg 86 is watercolored then painted with Enamels clear medium acrylic paint.

Pheasant feathers.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


A very simple card.

Brayered Kalidacolor on glossy cardstock.

Image is 02.027.P page 11.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Pretty Face

Splattered the card in burgundy acrylic ink using a wet toothbrush.

Overstamped with the splat #I.0243 page 146 with Vivid Olive ink.

Cut a circle from wallpaper with the Coluzzle.

The face is #17.070.P page 278 - the image has four faces on it. I cut it apart & used only one thus getting four cards from this one image.

'Just a Note' is #07.269.H page 159. Both these were stamped with burgundy ink.
Added some sheer burgubdy ribbon and buttons to finish the card.
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