Friday, September 3, 2010

C026b Envelope Bookmark

This is a great way to recycle used envelopes.

Measure and pencil mark 3” from one corner of the envelope. Repeat to the opposite side of the same corner. Join these pencil marks and cut.

NOTE; all inks are from the Aurora Color Box Petal Point.

DTP both the front and back with orchid, turquoise and eggplant.

On the bookmark front (the side without a seam), stamp the bee 23.428.H page 264 so that his tail is at the point of the bookmark to ensure that the image will fit, using eggplant ink.

On the bookmark back, stamp 18.066.E page 131 using eggplant ink.

Hold the bookmark with a clothes pin and heat to dry being careful not to burn it.

Cut a 4” square of clear MacTac diagonally. Remove backing and place one piece on the front and back of the bookmark. Press firmly. Trim leaving 1/8” of MacTac on the two folded edges. Trim close to the bookmark opening.

Slip the bookmark over the page you want to mark. At the time I was doing this, my grandson was sleeping in my craft room where I keep my books so I used a recipe book to demo!

I hadn’t marked down where I got this idea but it was not my own.

First taught this class on November 21, 2001.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

M148 I Wish You

Brayered kaleidacolor on glossy carstock.

Sunflower 09.154.R page 166.

Phrase by Annette Allen Watkins.

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