Friday, April 30, 2010

M158 Special

Magenta Daisy - 23.271.M page 226.

Phrase by Hero Arts.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

C077 Labeling

Prepare card by folding 81/2 x 51/2” white cardstock in half. Crease with a bone folder. Wad up a piece of wax paper into a ball. Straighten it out and wrinkle it again. Straighten it. The paper will now be nice and wrinkly. Pounce the ball into black ink and stamp edges of the card. Set aside.

Cut wallpaper 31/2” x 43/4”. Mount on to 33/4” x 5” black cardstock. Mount onto center of card and set aside.

Cut Avery labels #02207 three across and four down. Stamp dragonfly 23.151.I page 170 directly on the labels using Vivid Tea Rose ink.

Stamp flower cluster 23.111.D page 130 in three corners using Vivid Tea Rose ink.

Lightly stipple over the stamped image using Vivid Tea Rose ink. Add a touch of black around the edges using your wax paper ball.

Cut black cardstock 23/4” square. Transfer the labels. The easiest way to attach the labels to the cardstock AND maintain the correct spacing between rows is to transfer one column at a time.

Carefully peel the backing away from the labels until they are half on the backing and half off. Stick the exposed edge of the labels onto the cardstock and slowly peel away the backing until the entire column is free from the backing and attached to the card. Press the labels down securely.

Repeat this process with each of the remaining rows taking care to maintain the same spacing between columns and keeping your rows even.

Trim close to labels. Round the corners. Set aside.

Stamp phrase 07.284.I page 172 on white cardstock using Vivid Tea Rose ink. Trim close. Round the corners. Sponge edges with Vivid Tea Rose ink. Apply mounts to the back.

Adhere image and phrase to the front of the card in a pleasing manner.

First taught this class on March 9, 2004.

Monday, April 26, 2010

M162 Smile

Rose bud - 14.220.E page 139.

Frame - 26.016.R page 149.

Phrase by SU! Wonderful Words 11.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

C100 Time Squares

Prepare card by folding 8 x 9” white cardstock in half. Crease fold with a bone folder. Form a side fold card 4 x 9”. Stamp the edges with crackle N.0260 page 171 using Vivid Inky Blue ink. Set aside.

Cut navy cardstock 81/4 x 31/4”. Silver emboss lines background M.0292 page 233. Mount on to 81/2 x 31/2” mustard cardstock. Mount to center of card. Set aside.

Cut navy cardstock 63/8 x 21/8”. Lightly dry brush with white acrylic paint. When dry, cut into 21/8” squares. Rub with a static bag then white emboss different parts of the clock 29.005.P page 163 on each piece. Make sure one of the pieces includes the center of the clock.

Mount clock pieces onto red cardstock. Trim close. Apply a mustard eyelet to clock center. Adhere the pieces to the navy panel on the card.

Stamp a phrase using Inky Blue ink to the inside and sign your work.

Decorate a purchased envelope to match.

Inspired from Stampers Sampler April/May 2001 magazine page 29.

First taught on May 1, 2007.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

M107 Faux Cloisonne

Instructions for this card can be found HERE.

The frame, 26.003.R page 82 is stamped on a page from a magazine.

The butterfly, 03.054.M page 14 is stamped on red cardstock.

Friday, April 16, 2010

M181 Faux Vellum Baby

I added blue food coloring to my glue solution to make this faux vellum.

Petals 29013.N page 195

Border 14272.P page 199

Phrase by Hero Arts

White embossing powder

Turquoise embossing powder.

White card.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

C020a Floating Rose

Prepare card by folding 6.5 x 9.5” white cardstock in half. Score at 43/4”. Crease fold with a bone folder. Stamp the edges with speckle H.0181 page 105 using Vivid Pink ink. Set aside.
Cut prepared Wax Paper vellum to 31/2” x 6”. Swipe the wax paper side or smoother side of your vellum with a used bounce sheet or a static free bag. Ink the rose 09.079.O page 53 with embossing ink and stamp in the center of your vellum. Black emboss, tap off any extra. By laying your vellum on a white piece of cardstock, you can see if there is any extra embossing powder to brush away. Heat and set aside.

With black Memories ink, center and stamp the rose again on a piece of 31/2” x 6” white cardstock. Choosing light colored markers, color the image to match a selected piece of 41/4 x 6” wallpaper – any color of green wallpaper works best as you can color your leaves to match it. Set aside.

From the wrong side of your embossed rose, color only the shaded areas with a bit darker colors than you used on the cardstock.

Remaining on the wrong side, stamp the speckle H.0181 page 105 using Vivid Pink ink covering vellum completely. I find this also helps hide any blemishes left behind by the black embossing powder.

Set the vellum on top of the cardstock rose. When perfectly matched, adhere with a glue stick across the top to hold it in place. Set aside.

On the wrong side of your wallpaper, draw lines 7/8” and again at ¾” from all four edges. Cut with a craft knife thus creating a window opening plus an extra thin frame for trim. Save the inner piece of wallpaper for the inside of your card if you want.
The picture below shows my colored cardstock and vellum as well as my wallpaper prepared.  Because I was working on three cards at once, I mixed my thin frames with each other.

Glue the rose panel in the center of the wallpaper window. Trim excess paper away. Mount on to the prepared card. Layer the small frame on an angle on top of everything.

First taught this on July 18, 2001.

Monday, April 12, 2010

C020 Wax Paper Vellum

Mix ¼ cup of water with 11/2 tablespoons of water based glue – children’s glue works best. Stir till well mixed. You should get about 10 sheets of vellum from this recipe.

We need 1 ply of Kleenex so separate each one. Use approximately 12” lengths of wax paper per tissue. Set one piece of tissue in the center of one sheet of wax paper. Using a 2” foam brush, dip into your glue mixture and very gently paint your tissue, starting in the center and working your way to the outside edges. We all know what happens to a 2 ply Kleenex when it gets wet so you can only imagine what happens to a 1 ply if you don’t work gently. The edges rip easily but don’t let that concern you as we won’t be using the edges. Your tissue has probably become wrinkled by now so very gently, pull out whatever wrinkles you can with your brush. The wet tissue slides easily on the wax paper. Don’t worry about the air bubbles or the wrinkles that you couldn’t get out – they will give texture to your vellum.

You can also add food coloring to your glue solution if you want colored vellum.

Repeat this procedure to the other 9 pieces of 1 ply tissue and wax paper. Let dry about 4 hours. Trim the wax paper away from the edges of the tissue. Place vellum, Kleenex side up, one sheet at a time, between two pieces of paper. Iron with a hot iron to create a semi smooth service.

The first time I made this, I spent a whole day trying to remove the wax paper from the dried tissue! DON’T … it is part of the vellum!

The next two posts will be cards I made using Wax Paper Vellum.  I rarely do this technique after learning the Printer Paper vellum technique. (type C088a in the Search box to refresh your memory).

Thankyou to Kristy Christopherson for sharing this technique with me!

First taught this on July 18, 2001.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

M046 Colored Eggs

Shadow stamp by Magenta 23287.F & Vivid teal ink.

Magenta egg 01034.D

Magenta bunny (inside) D0206 pg 206

Outside phrase Magenta 07291.I pg 188.

Inside phrase by Azadi Earles.

Wallpaper background.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

C081 Spring Easter Card

Prepare card by folding 8½ x 51/2” light blue cardstock in half. Crease fold with a bone folder. Randomly stamp the front with small egg 01.034.D page 5 using Versamark. Set aside.

Stamp phrase 07.291.I page 188 on dusty rose cardstock using black Memories ink. Trim close. Cut the words apart. Sponge in Vivid Vintage Green ink and set aside.

Stamp large egg 01.037.F page 5 on sage cardstock using black Memories ink. Cut out and set aside.

Cut dusty rose cardstock 13/4” x 2”. Sponge in Vivid Vintage Green ink. Adhere sage egg to center. Set aside.

Cut dusty rose cardstock 3/4” x 51/2”. Sponge in Vivid Vintage Green ink. Set aside.

Cut light pink cardstock to the same sizes as the dusty rose cardstock. Create a shadow effect by gluing to the top right corners of each dusty rose piece and to the right side of the long narrow piece. Place each piece on the card front in a pleasing manner.

Punch a light pink daisy. Adhere to the center of the egg. Punch a light yellow daisy and glue it between the words. Add a ¼” pink circle to the yellow daisy, a ¼” yellow circle to the pink daisy and three ¼” circles to the long strip. Apply Crystal Effects by SU! to each circle.

Inspired from a card in the Papercrafts April/May 2004 magazine page 77.

First taught this class on April 13, 2004.

Friday, April 2, 2010

M175 All in a Row

Speckle background - H.0181 page 103
Bookmark bunny - P.0214 page 105
Small bunny - D.0206 page 103

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