Friday, February 19, 2010

C072 Rubber Cement

Prepare card by folding 51/2” x 81/2” yellow cardstock in half with a bone folder. Set aside.
Cut purple cardstock 51/4 x 4”. Punch each corner with the Crown Corner Punch. Adhere to card front. Set aside.

Drizzle rubber cement over 5” x 33/4” white watercolor paper. Let dry – should only take a few minutes. Randomly stamp pansies H.0064 page 100 using Berry Blaze Kaleidacolor rainbow ink. With a wet paintbrush, lightly brush the entire panel on the diagonal. Allow to dry a few minutes.

Rub the rubber cement off the paper. It will rub off very easily with and will not damage the fibres of your paper. Punch corners with the Crown punch.

Using a wet toothbrush, splatter the watercolor paper with yellow acrylic paint. When dry, adhere to the card front. Set aside.

Cut yellow cardstock 21/2 x 41/2”. Stamp with speckles H.0181 page 103 using purple ink. Purple emboss butterfly 03.054.M page 14. Cut out the butterfly using straight scissors on the straight lines and deckle scissors around the rippled edges. Bend wings upward and curl ends with a pencil. Mount to card.

First taught this class on March 11, 2003.


  1. I love the card and that tech sounds really neat. I like how you used deckle scissors on the butterfly also.

  2. Great Card Carole! This is a techinique I have never heard of before! Gotta try this one! Hugs Lori


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