Friday, June 25, 2010

C067 Dry Reverse Stamping

This is continued from my last post.

Prepare card by cutting black cardstock 4 x 7”. Randomly stamp with the feather stamp 23.098.I page 162 using Versamark. Set aside.

Cut terra Cotta cardstock 51/4” wide by 7” long. Draw a pencil line at ¼” x 7”. Cut on the pencil line with fancy scissors. Score with a stylus at 11/4” x 7”. Fold on score line. Center and punch 1/8” holes, 3” from the top and 3” from the bottom of the card on the 1” folded piece only. Inset the pre-stamped black cardstock under the fold and trace the punched holes. Remove and punch the traced holes. Line the holes up again with the terra cotta cardstock. Tie together with ¼” black ribbon. Trim edges of cardstock if necessary. Set aside.

Working on a piece of wax paper, arrange a bouquet of feathers for your prepared pot 21.063.I page 86 from the last post then glue in place. Gently remove wax paper. Using mounts, apply to center of card.

First taught this class on March 12, 2003.  Thanks again to Amy Sample back in the early 2000’s for the lesson.

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