Friday, September 16, 2011

M041 Evo's Templates

Pear 09.054.H page 30.

Large leaf 09.211.H page 285.

Small leaf 14.357.E page 236.

Evo's acrylic templates, Stipple brushes.

Cardstock - green, white, brown

Inks by Vivid - Spring Green, Brick, Plum and Memories Soft Wheat.

Place the smallest template in the center of the white panel.  Stipple Spring Green ink all around the template.  Hold the stipple brush on an angle and stipple into the beveled edge of the template.

Place second smallest template on an angle over the stippled cardstock.  Use Brick on thistemplate using the same stippling technique.

Place third smallest template at a different angle over the two stippled colors.  Repeat stippling technique with Plum ink.

Stamp the pear in the middle with brown ink.  Stamp top left corner with leaves.  I inked the leaves in green then stamped on a scrap paper before stamping on the white panel.  I wanted a bit softer look.  The same leaves hardly show up on this scan.

Inspired from Scrap and Stamps Art, December 2006.

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