Tuesday, November 1, 2011

M190 Delightful Snow

Here is another version of Faux Polished Stone.
Stamp: 09100.Q page 34.

Cardstock: lilac, navy, white glossy.
Ink: Vivid Inky Blue re-inker, Vivid Aqua re-inker, Silver Colorbox, Black Memories.
Accessories: metallic ribbon, snowflake punch by EK Success.
Cut glossy cardstock 5" x 6".
Dampen your cotton ball with rubbing alcohol.  I purchased this at our local Drug Store.
Add a drop of Vivid Inky Blue, three drops of Vivid Aqua and a couple small dabs of Silver Colorbox re-inkers to your dampened cotton ball. 
It works best if you lightly dab all over your panel rather than consentrating on one area for now.  This helps spread the silver more randomly.
Now continue dabbing and blending until you achieve the look you want.
Set aside.
Once dry, stamp image.
Finish card.

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