Wednesday, December 7, 2011

M193 Candy Cane Christmas

Been neglecting my Magenta Blog so thought I would add my ‘Metallic Theme’ Christmas Card that I did for Sylvia’s 2011 Christmas Card Challenge for December to it.  After I had scanned these, I realized I had forgot to add my phrase to the front.  I re-scanned the original card but I didn’t bother doing the group ones.
Magenta stamps: Phrase 07011D page 13 and Candy cane 23148D page 122 for those of you that have the original catalogue.

Ink: Red, Versamark.

Cardstock: Red card and 2.75x3.75”, White (3.5x2.5”), Silver metallic (3.5x5.5) then rip top & bottom.

Accessories: bugle beads, 6” wire, 10” silver cord, needle, black zig marker.

I sponged the edges of the white cardstock with red ink then free handed the edges with a black marker.  With a pencil, lightly mark a hole placement .75” from the left side and 1.25” from the top.  Mark a second placement .75” from the bottom and 1.25” from the left side.  Distress with scissors then tear it here and there.  Adhere to the red piece then the silver piece.  Poke a hole at each pencil mark through all layers.  String the beads onto wire.  Thread the wire through each hole and tape to the back.  Poke another couple of holes and add cord to help hold the candy cane in shape.

Cards from the Crafts magazine.
Inspired by a card in the Crafts Holiday Cards & Wrap magazine (page 51) that I picked up in October 2003. (If I can’t find a date on the magazines that I pick up, I write the month/year that I picked them up).

Total Christmas Cards for 2011:

January = 1, February = 6, March = 5, April = 5, May= 6. June = 4, July = 5, August = 4 , September = 4, October = 4, November = 7, December = 7. 

A total of 58 cards for the year!  A great Challenge to play in, thanks Sylvia for doing this!

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