Wednesday, April 28, 2010

C077 Labeling

Prepare card by folding 81/2 x 51/2” white cardstock in half. Crease with a bone folder. Wad up a piece of wax paper into a ball. Straighten it out and wrinkle it again. Straighten it. The paper will now be nice and wrinkly. Pounce the ball into black ink and stamp edges of the card. Set aside.

Cut wallpaper 31/2” x 43/4”. Mount on to 33/4” x 5” black cardstock. Mount onto center of card and set aside.

Cut Avery labels #02207 three across and four down. Stamp dragonfly 23.151.I page 170 directly on the labels using Vivid Tea Rose ink.

Stamp flower cluster 23.111.D page 130 in three corners using Vivid Tea Rose ink.

Lightly stipple over the stamped image using Vivid Tea Rose ink. Add a touch of black around the edges using your wax paper ball.

Cut black cardstock 23/4” square. Transfer the labels. The easiest way to attach the labels to the cardstock AND maintain the correct spacing between rows is to transfer one column at a time.

Carefully peel the backing away from the labels until they are half on the backing and half off. Stick the exposed edge of the labels onto the cardstock and slowly peel away the backing until the entire column is free from the backing and attached to the card. Press the labels down securely.

Repeat this process with each of the remaining rows taking care to maintain the same spacing between columns and keeping your rows even.

Trim close to labels. Round the corners. Set aside.

Stamp phrase 07.284.I page 172 on white cardstock using Vivid Tea Rose ink. Trim close. Round the corners. Sponge edges with Vivid Tea Rose ink. Apply mounts to the back.

Adhere image and phrase to the front of the card in a pleasing manner.

First taught this class on March 9, 2004.

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