Wednesday, April 14, 2010

C020a Floating Rose

Prepare card by folding 6.5 x 9.5” white cardstock in half. Score at 43/4”. Crease fold with a bone folder. Stamp the edges with speckle H.0181 page 105 using Vivid Pink ink. Set aside.
Cut prepared Wax Paper vellum to 31/2” x 6”. Swipe the wax paper side or smoother side of your vellum with a used bounce sheet or a static free bag. Ink the rose 09.079.O page 53 with embossing ink and stamp in the center of your vellum. Black emboss, tap off any extra. By laying your vellum on a white piece of cardstock, you can see if there is any extra embossing powder to brush away. Heat and set aside.

With black Memories ink, center and stamp the rose again on a piece of 31/2” x 6” white cardstock. Choosing light colored markers, color the image to match a selected piece of 41/4 x 6” wallpaper – any color of green wallpaper works best as you can color your leaves to match it. Set aside.

From the wrong side of your embossed rose, color only the shaded areas with a bit darker colors than you used on the cardstock.

Remaining on the wrong side, stamp the speckle H.0181 page 105 using Vivid Pink ink covering vellum completely. I find this also helps hide any blemishes left behind by the black embossing powder.

Set the vellum on top of the cardstock rose. When perfectly matched, adhere with a glue stick across the top to hold it in place. Set aside.

On the wrong side of your wallpaper, draw lines 7/8” and again at ¾” from all four edges. Cut with a craft knife thus creating a window opening plus an extra thin frame for trim. Save the inner piece of wallpaper for the inside of your card if you want.
The picture below shows my colored cardstock and vellum as well as my wallpaper prepared.  Because I was working on three cards at once, I mixed my thin frames with each other.

Glue the rose panel in the center of the wallpaper window. Trim excess paper away. Mount on to the prepared card. Layer the small frame on an angle on top of everything.

First taught this on July 18, 2001.

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  1. It's beautiful. I love the colors and the added help with how you did it.


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