Friday, December 10, 2010

C061 Majestic Evergreen

Prepare card by folding 8½ x 51/2” red cardstock in half. Crease fold with a bone folder. Set aside.

Cut green cardstock 4 x 51/4”. Randomly stamp pine sprig 09.114.E page 35 using Versamark inkpad. From the wrong side, mark a vertical centerline near the bottom of the card with a pencil. Reinforce with scotch tape and punch a hole on both sides of the vertical mark and again about 1/8” towards the edges of the card using a ¼” hole punch..

Rip 11/2” wide by 5” long. Weave fabric through all four holes beginning on the right side of the panel, threading from the front of the panel. Glue panel to the card front. Set aside.

Iron fusible web to a scrap of fabric. Cut to measure 21/2 x 31/4”. Remove paper backing and iron on to 23/4 x 31/2” gold cardstock. Glue to the center of the card and set aside.

Punch ten oak leaves from green cardstock. Glue four leaves upside down, side by side to form the bottom row of the tree. Overlap with the next row of three, then two leaves. Glue one leaf right side up to form the top of the tree. Mount to the center of the fabric panel.

Inspired by a card in the January/February 2001 issue of The Rubber Stamper, page 89.

First taught this class on November 27, 2002

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