Tuesday, May 25, 2010

C027 Pillow Box

Photo copy the Pillow Box pattern on to off white cardstock and cut out.

Cover with wax paper and score on the broken lines with a stylus – the wax paper helps your stylus to move more freely. Pre-fold on the score lines. Open and lay flat so that the broken lines are next to the table. As you can see in the photo below, the long narrow flap was bent towards the table too, to prevent getting ink on it.

NOTE: all inks used are from the Aurora Color Box Petal Point.

DTP the pillow box using orchid and colonial blue. Over stamp with the bug cluster 23.303.G page 231 using midnight ink. Over stamp with the ball 21.036.B page 38 using turquoise ink, then the dragonfly 23.151.J page 170 using gold pigment ink.

Glue the un-inked flap to the inside of the box. Hold together with paper clips until set.

The football-shaped sections on the bottom are pushed in by pinching on the scored lines to fold. If desired, glue in position.

Fill the box with a gift or treats and close the football-shaped sections in the same manner as the bottom ones were. Wrap with curl ribbon, raffia or whatever you want.

This pattern is in the Rubber Stamp Treasury by Dee Gruenig.

First taught this class on November 21, 2001.

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