Monday, May 10, 2010

C032 Bridal Shower

Splatter 51/2 x 81/2” ivory cardstock with burgundy acrylic paint using a wet toothbrush. I like to splatter a purchased envelope at the same time. Set aside to dry.
Burgundy emboss Magenta corner flower 14.268.J page 188, three times on ivory cardstock. Burgundy emboss the Bridal Shower phrase by PSX and sponge with Vivid Garnet ink.. Trim very close using decorative scissors. Place phrase on 21/2 x 31/2” burgundy mulberry paper. Using a wet paintbrush or q-tip, wet the mulberry paper on all four s sides, approximately ¼” away from the phrase. Remove phrase. Tear mulberry paper and while wet, feather the mulberry paper between your fingers. Set aside.

Fold splattered card in half. Measure up the sides 23/4”. Mark with a pencil. Measure 21/4” from the outside edge towards the center on both sides. Mark with a pencil. Join these lines lightly with a pencil and cut away only the front and bottom, with decorative scissors. Sponge with Vivid Garnet ink.

Glue a corner flower to each inside corner. Mount the mulberry paper and phrase to the front. Cut the third corner flower apart. Glue two flowers to the bottom of the card front. Mount the third flower to the center with foam tape.

First taught this class in January 30, 2002.


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