Thursday, January 13, 2011

C023 Watercoloring the MKP way

We had taken our girls to Disneyland in February, 2000.  I had the pleasure of meeting Mary Parker. She invited me and her friends into her house for an afternoon of stamping. It was so much fun! This is her recipe for watercoloring.
Cut two pieces of watercolor paper 4” x 4”.

Paint one panel with streaks of crayola paint using a wider paintbrush.  The one on the left is for my sunflower, the one on the right is for my background. 
For my sunflower, I used leaf green, bright yellow, turquoise and orange. When dry, stamp as much of the sunflower 09154.R page 166 on to the panel.
Highlight some areas with an orange pencil crayon. Pounce a 2 way glue pen in the center of the sunflower. Emboss with Crystal EP.

Paint the other piece with streaks of yellow, orange, mint and purple. This will be my background panel. When dry, over stamp with E.0253 page 171 using brown Vivid ink.

Cut yellow cardstock 5 x 10”. Fold in half. Set aside.

Cut out the sunflower. Sponge the edges with brown ink. Adhere to the bottom of the background panel. Trim edges. Sponge all edges with brown ink. Mount to mint then pumpkin cardstock. Adhere to the center of the card.

From my experience, do not use a no-name brand of paints. Their colors are just not bright enough. I have made many backgrounds using this technique. I have also used regular cardstock to paint on and it works just fine. Thanks again to MKP for showing me this technique!

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