Wednesday, January 19, 2011

M160 Special as you

Known as Wax Paper Resist.

Rose 14.223.H page 139.

Phrase Hero Arts.
Take a piece of Wax Paper slightly larger than your glossy cardstock. Crinkle it up and then smooth it back out.

Sandwich your wax paper between two pieces of Glossy Cardstock, with the glossy sides facing the wax paper, both top and bottom.  Using two pieces of cardstock yields two backgrounds in one step.

Iron over your paper "sandwich" without steam.

Take pieces apart and throw wax paper away.

Brayer over your glossy cardstock with Dye Ink. Cover the entire piece of cardstock.

Wipe over your cardstock with a paper towel. The ink will resist where the wax from the wax paper stuck to the glossy cardstock.

Finish your card!

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