Monday, January 31, 2011

C025 Faux Polished Stone

There isn’t much too this! It is a bit messy though so cover your work area with scrap paper!
Using Versamark, stamp image 07.221.R page 27 on to white glossy cardstock (below). Emboss in black. Cut close to the image leaving a 1/8” edge.
Dampen your cotton ball with rubbing alcohol.  i purchased this from our local Drug Store.
Add a drop of Vivid Turquoise and Vivid Pink to your dampened cotton ball.
Dab the cotton ball over your cardstock.
You can dab lots or little – just continue dabbing and blending until you achieve the look you want.
The rubbing alcohol will cause the re-inker to blend together and essentially the paper is ‘resisting’ the ink you put on it.
Set aside and wait for the ink to dry before continuing.
Mount on to black cardstock then onto a turquoise card.

First taught this class on November 7, 2001.

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