Saturday, October 31, 2009

C024 Stylus Flower

Prepare card by folding 71/2" x 81/2" Terra Cotta cardstock in half using a bone folder to make a nice crease. Fold so the card measures 41/4 x 71/2”. Stamp the edges with the bee 03099.E page 186 using VersaMark ink. Set aside to dry.

Cut banana cardstock 61/4” x 3”. Lightly draw a pencil line from the top to bottom in the center.

Stamp the bobble 21036.B page 38 using amber ink at 11/2” from the top on the center line.

From the Aboretum PetalPoint, ink the white oval stylus foam with Terra Cotta ink. Stamp one oval above and below the bobble on the center line. Form a cross by re-inking the oval and stamping to the left and right of the bobble. Continue this until you have formed a flower.

Using the edge of the Fresh Green from the Aboretum PetalPoint, draw a curvy stem for the flower. Fill the white oval stylus foam with Fresh Green and stamp a leaf on each side of the stem. Wipe this sponge on the bottom to create grass.

Barely touch the Terra Cotta petal point on the leaves to form veins. Add a bit to the grass and stem also.

Layer on to 31/2” x 63/4” pumpkin cardstock and mount to card.

With black Memories ink, stamp the bee on banana cardstock. Cut it out. Mount with foam tape and glue to the flower.

First taught this class on November 7, 2001. Inspired from a swap card I received from Lavern. She didn’t sign her last name.

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  1. I love the card.! With my eyes I couldn't read the instructions very well, but I think I can do it.


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