Thursday, October 15, 2009

C093 Bleach Stamping

You may not like the effect bleach has on your coloured clothes but you will love what it does on your cardstock! Bleach will not damage your scrapbook pages either because it is only active for 10 minutes after you apply it to your paper.

Not all papers react to bleach in the same way – some turns white, others turn yellow and a few may not react at all. Always test the bleach in a corner of your paper to see how the bleach will affect it. Javex bleach seems to be the strongest and lightens the best.

Fold a paper towel and place in a foam tray, tin foil pie plate, ice cream lid or anything like that. Dampen the paper towel with bleach. This will be your bleach pad.

Prepare card by folding black cardstock in half. Crease the fold with a bone folder.

Gently tap the Magenta flower 09.173.L page 181 into the bleach pad. Stamp on to a scrap paper if there is too much bleach on your stamp. Stamp on the front of the card, holding in place to the count of seven. Repeat this process until you are pleased with the background. Set card aside to dry.

Bleach does not damage your stamps; in fact, it is a good way to clean those that are really stained. Clean your stamp immediately.

Black emboss the same flower on a scrap of black cardstock. Cut to measure 3” x 3”. Mount on to brown cardstock then on to off white cardstock, leaving about 1/8” border on each piece. Adhere to top of the card.

Using a synthetic paintbrush, paint the bleach inside the embossed lines of the flower, removing all the colour. Usually it just takes one pass but if you are not happy with the way it looks, you can remove more colour after letting the first pass dry.

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  1. This is so pretty and what a great tip. I'm trying this one too. I have alot of stained stamps.


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