Saturday, August 29, 2009

Concealing Your Cheque

Cut photocopy or printer weight paper 41/4” x 61/4” – you can get three covers from an 81/2” x 11” paper.

With a pencil and ruler, lightly mark at 11/2” from the bottom (the long edge). Fold towards the back on these lines – a bone helps give a crisp fold. This image shows the cover in an open position – you can see where I’ve folded it.

Stamp top left and bottom right corners with the corner stamp #14295.I page 227 using black Memories ink.

Stamp Thank You #07304.H page 215 in the center using black Memories ink.

Using a standard envelope, draw a border around the envelope at ½” from all edges using the wide end of a black Zig marker or use a marker to match your photocopy paper.

This cover is an excellent way of sending a cheque in the mail.

First taught this class on June 13, 2001.


  1. Hi Carole,

    Thanks so much for sharing this great tip to help us mail checks safely. And I love the idea for the envelope too! Hugs Lori

  2. I love this blog too. Just signed up for updates. Now I need some magenta stamps I guess!

  3. Hi Carol, thanks for this great idea. I will definitely use this idea. I also love your blog. Magenta stamps are the greatest. Thanks again!
    Judi M.


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