Monday, August 31, 2009


A perfect gift for anyone who writes letters!

Cut photocopy weight paper 61/4” x 11”. Make first fold by measuring 31/2” from the top (either one of the short ends). Mark with a pencil and fold with a bone folder. Erase pencil mark. Make the second fold by folding the bottom into the first fold.

At the bottom of the front, measure up ¼” and mark lightly with a pencil. Cut on this line with fancy scissors or use a border punch. Erase pencil lines.

Fold card into thirds. Swipe the front with a Little Bag to reduce static. With the narrow end of an Embossing Marker, draw a line one inch from the bottom fold. Gold emboss.

Mark the center of the front lightly with a pencil. Gold emboss Just A Note #07269.H page 159 to the center. Erase pencil mark.

Swipe the front of an envelope with a Little Bag to reduce static. Draw lines ½” from the top and bottom edges with the narrow end of an Embossing Marker. Wipe ruler clean after each use. Gold emboss. Repeat to both sides.

The top image is the finished product; the middle image is laying open and the bottom image is the envelope. I layed them on a pink background so they would show up in the scans.

First taught this class on June 13, 2001.

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