Thursday, August 13, 2009

Paint Swatch Card

Prepare card by folding a 51/2” x 81/2” white cardstock in half. Crumple a piece of wax paper. Ink with Vivid Teal dye ink and stamp the card front, very lightly. Randomly stamp with the Magenta flower stamp #09.083.E page 53 using black Memories ink, then the Magenta leaf #14.138.C page 82 using teal ink and lastly, the butterfly #03.047.C page 184 using gold pigment ink. Edge the four sides of the card with teal ink by sliding it along the edge of the ink pad. Set aside.

Trim the Paint Swatch card down one side to remove the names of the colors. You will have a strip of color running from light to dark. Swipe with a Little Bag to remove static.

Gold emboss the Magenta flower on each square. Mount on white cardstock remnant and trim, leaving a very narrow border, then mount on black cardstock. Trim, leaving a very narrow border. Lastly, mount on to gold cardstock. Trim, leaving a little wider border.

Mount about ½” from the right edge of the prepared card. Add diamond glitter glue to the center of each embossed flower.

This idea came from the Stamping and Papercraft, Volume 6 Number 4 magazine, many years ago.
First taught this class on April 3rd, 2002.

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