Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Pretty Face

Splattered the card in burgundy acrylic ink using a wet toothbrush.

Overstamped with the splat #I.0243 page 146 with Vivid Olive ink.

Cut a circle from wallpaper with the Coluzzle.

The face is #17.070.P page 278 - the image has four faces on it. I cut it apart & used only one thus getting four cards from this one image.

'Just a Note' is #07.269.H page 159. Both these were stamped with burgundy ink.
Added some sheer burgubdy ribbon and buttons to finish the card.


  1. Very nice Carole. What type of adhesive to you use when attaching wallpaper? I have a couple of sample books waiting to be used but don't want the pieces coming off the card. Also do you use it to make envelopes? Thanks.


  2. Thanks Sheryl. I use wallpaper glue - comes in a small tube. I also use it when making wallpaper envelopes.


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