Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dad's Shirt

This card has nothing to do with Magenta stamping - guess thats why I called this Blog 'Mostly Magenta'! I've included the folding instructions at the bottom of this post. I did not mark down the magazine I got them from but they definately came from a magazine.
Crumple coloured 81/2” x 11” photocopy paper into a ball. Open and re-crumple. Repeat again. Smooth out paper and place on newspaper. Swipe black Memories ink over the entire paper. Notice how the ink only adheres to the ‘mountain’ crumples. Iron to flatten. Trim edges if they torn during the crumpling.

Place printed side down and fold the left and right sides towards the center (step 1 at bottom of this post).
Fold 1” of the top towards the tabletop (step 2).
Lightly pencil a mark 1” from the fold down the center. Pull top left and right corners to meet the center pencil mark (step 3). Fold.
Lightly pencil a line 41/4” from the bottom. Open the bottom flaps (step 4) and fold up, on the pencil line. Tuck this under the shirt collar (step 5).

Cut out a tie and pocket from scraps of black cardstock. Glue in place. Color the edges of the collar and sleeves with a black marker. Set aside.

Cut a scrap of the same photocopy paper 2” x 3” and stamp a phrase on this. Layer onto black cardstock. Glue to the inside of the shirt. The phrase I used is by The Merry Stamper.

Erase any pencil marks.

This can be made into a blouse by omitting the tie. You could add a necklace and a row of buttons for the lady.

First taught this class on May 15, 2002.


  1. I love the card. You did a great job on it! At last a masculine idea for me. 5 grandsons!


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