Sunday, September 13, 2009

C011 Liquid Applique

Prepare card by folding 61/2" x 81/2" yellow cardstock in half using a bone folder to make a nice crease. Layer with 61/4” x 4” pink cardstock. Layer with 6” x 33/4” prepared bubble paper. Set aside.

Swipe a wooden star with Vivid yellow ink. Set aside to dry.

Swipe a 21/4” x 6” piece of scrap bubble paper with a Little Bag to reduce static. Black emboss the bunny bookmark #P.0214 page 105. Trim close to the image. Re-heat to set the embossing powder. Glue on to yellow cardstock, trim close. Mount to the right side of the card leaving a border of bubble paper showing. Swipe the rest of the card front with a Little Bag then black emboss the phrase by Art Impressions to the bottom left side of the card.

Glue the wooden star above the word ‘Celebrate’.

Add Liquid Applique to the four birds and to the bunny, being careful not to go over the embossed areas. A toothpick will help to remove the appliqué from the bird’s eyes. Let dry overnight.


In three separate coffee mugs, add:
¼ cup water
½ tsp acrylic paint
(I used Bright Yellow by Crafters in the first mug, Carnation Pink by Prism in the second cup and Cool Blue by Crafters in the third mug).
1 tsp clear dish soap
Stir each well. Add a drinking straw to each mug. Beginning with yellow, blow bubbles directly in the mug until the bubbles are over the rim. Being careful not to touch the cardstock to the rim of the mug, transfer bubbles onto white cardstock by touching the cardstock to the bubbles. Let the bubbles dry slightly before continuing. Repeat with the pink solution & lastly the blue solution until you are satisfied with the coverage. Let cardstock dry.

Make a bubble covered envelope to match your card as well.

First taught this class on April 11, 2001.

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  1. I love the card. Thanks for showing liquid applique. The tech for making bubble paper is neat too. Gonna try that!


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