Tuesday, September 29, 2009

C018a Serendipity background

This is a background litterly dreamt up by Ruth Pagliasotti. She says she gave it the name Serendipity because it came out of nowhere, when she wasn’t looking and wasn’t expecting to find anything.

This is what I did to create the cards in the next post. I try and post on the odd numbered days on my Magenta Blog so they should show up in a couple of days.

Add small drops of gold, copper and silver acrylic paint to a half sheet of black cardstock. Drag the colors with a comb or anything that might create texture. Let dry completely. See small sample below.

Since I want purple to be my main color, purple emboss about five images with #I.0243 page 146.

Add four cancelled postage stamps.

Pewter emboss the flower #H.0250 page 145, overlapping some of the above if desired.

I hope you haven’t emptied your craft garbage can for a few days. Dig through it and find small pieces of colourful scraps of anything. If possible, cut some with decorative scissors. Make sure purple is one of the scraps you use as it will help blend our card. Randomly adhere these strips to your cardstock.

Copper emboss a few images of #G.23085 page 130, overlapping some of the above if desired.

Rip about 6 small pieces of purple mulberry paper and glue them here and there, overlapping some of the above if desired. See small sample below. All I have left to do is squiggle the entire piece of cardstock with a small about of dimensional paint and let dry completely.

Here is another completed sample I found in my file. Looks like I used #09083.E page 53 to do the copper embossing. Anyways, I hope you get the idea of how to create this background. I’ve also added some gold glitter glue here and there.
Anything goes!
First taught this class on July 4th, 2001.

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  1. This really looks random abandon style. I think it would be great fun.


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